Our competitive team goes from Level 2-10, right now our spots are limited for each level. We like to have small enough groups to be able to give each and every one of out athlete the attention that they need. We are also the only gym in the Antelope Valley with a TOPS Program, this stands for the “Talent Opportunity Program”. These kids are invited to our Hot shot’s class between the age 4-6yrs, and then when they have gotten old enough and are ready, then they move to Team and as well as the TOPS Program. This is a fast track program to Elite Gymnastics, however it is not a guarantee they will be elite. They will learn how to train as a top level athlete does. Our Team Program specializes in Injury Prevention and Mental Training.

Competitive Womens USAG Gymnastics Team 2017-2018



Level 6’s

Level 4’s

Level 3’s