Hyht Gymnastics was started in 2015 by Brooke and Matthew Hissong, they opened doors to a caring family centered business. The dream had been around for awhile, Brooke trained 18 years in Gymnastics and went up to the Elite level before she retired from the competitive realm. Matthew Competed in Gymnastics for 5 years and Trained Parkour and Acrobatics for the stunt industry before moving on to a career in large corporate injury prevention. Brooke and Matthew wanted a facility with a Gymnastics Center, Strength and Conditioning facility (CrossFit), Dance Studio and Sports Massage Clinic all in one place.

Their goal was to build an Athletic center that focused on proper technique and injury prevention that created a fun environment that fostered self confidence, positivity and a willingness to learn new skills.

Brooke has trained under multiple Olympians over her career (Chris Waller 92 Olympian Bronze medalist and Assistant Coach to UCLA and Mohini Bhardwaj deFreitas 2004 Olympian Silver Medalist), Brooke wanted to give back to the youth by building a strong foundational program in recreational gymnastics. Her goal is to build a competitive team that gives the athletes what they need to get into college and elite levels of gymnastics.

Matthew is a sports soft tissue therapist and strength and conditioning specialist, he trains the coaches and staff at Hyht. Using corrective exercises and proper biomechanics, many injuries can be eliminated and avoided entirely. Matthew has worked with Cirque du Soleil, NFL football players, MLB baseball athletes and helped trained many athletes to Division 1 schools in softball, baseball, gymnastics and football.

Here at Hyht Gymnastics our mission is to Encourage, Inspire and Educate the youth using the fun sport of gymnastics! Our aim is to improve self-confidence, create strong goal-setting habits and inspire passion for strength in our youth.

Hyht is an old english word for Hope, Trust, Compassion and Expectations. The Acronym for Hyht is Harness Your Habits Today, and that’s exactly what our coaching staff does, we harness positive habits for lifelong success.